Hunters that harvest a member of the deer family in a CWD Area
must cape out their animal in order to legally import it into Ky.

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"How to cape out your animal" Part 1

"How to cape out your animal" Part 2

If you would like a DVD copy of this Video,call us and we will
send you one Free of charge
If you would like a DVD of this process please give us a call and
we will send you one free of charge

There are laws in place restricting the importation of both live and
harvested cervids (including, but not limited to deer, elk, reindeer,
and moose).  Importation into Kentucky of live cervids is prohibited
by statute (KRS 150.725, 150.730, 150.735, and 150.740) and is a
Class D felony.  Whole carcasses of deer or elk harvested in
CWD-positive states may not come into (or pass through) Kentucky.  
The brain and spinal column must be removed before the harvested
animal may cross the border.   

CWD has been found in Ohio , Pennsylvania, Iowa, Texas, Maryland,  
Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota,
Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, South
Dakota, Utah, West Virginia, Virginia, Missouri, North Dakota ,
Wisconsin, Wyoming, Alberta, and Saskatchewan
Current legislation link

Click links for CWD info and infected States as of March 10, 2009


Link to Kentucky Dept of Fish and Wildlife Resources


Link to The Ky Dept of Agriculture
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