Bruce's FIRST Catfish

Catfish Derby 2011

Bruce with Mr. Bourbon
JP Lyons
The 7 Shot Bird                           2009
This is one of those stories you're
probably not going to believe.

Youth turkey seaons opener.  I had
set up the blind on Thursday so we
could just climb in on Saturday
morning.  That's just what we did.  
As anyone that has had a 9-year old
boy knows, their attention span is
pretty short.  John-Parker is usually
good for about 2 hours.

At 8:40 he was getting pretty figidity
so I told him the old turkey hunting
adage was when you feel like leaving
or moving, stay another 30 minutes.  
Well this time it worked out.  

At 9:00 o'clock I was starting to
gather my calls and I hit my box call
one last time.  I immediately heard a
gobble close and I had JP grab his
shooting stick and gun.  No more had
he gotten the gun up than the turkey
came in from the left side of blind, in
full strut and headed for our B-Mobile
decoy.  I hadn't really seen the bird
but JP said he was a giant.

JP didn't take long to shoot and as
soon he did, I saw a bird fly up in the
air and land about 10 yards away.  It
was a jake and unscathed, so I just
figured he missed it.  But then I saw
the big boy strutting around the
decoy and not paying a bit of
attention to the fact that someone
had just shot at him.  JP shucked
another in the chamber shot, and
missed him again.  I helped him
shuck the last shell in the chamber,
bang and he missed again.  This
whole time the tom just flinched a bit
but went right back into strut.

I quickly grabbed the gun and put
another shell in it, handed back to
him, boom, missed again.  I grabbed
it again, put three more shells in it,
boom, miss, boom miss.  By this
time I was freaking out that he kept
missing and the bird finally started
wandering off.  I couldn't figure out
how he was missing this bird at 10
yards, but then I looked up at his
face while he was aiming.  He had
been closing his right eye (he is right
handed) the whole time.  By this time
the bird was out at about 25 yards, I
told him to take his time, close his
left eye and put the bead on his
head.  Boom!  Down he went.  

Best damn hunt I've ever been on.  I
wouldn't have ever believed it if I
hadn't seen it with my own eyes.  
That B-Moblie is something else.

BTW.  25 lbs, 12 1/16" beard, 1 1/4 &
1/18 spurs.  How's that for your first
Serious porch time
at the" Panther
Creek Annual
Catfish Derby"
Stiper Fun Guide Service   
Cumberland 2008
Ernie and Marty
Green River Lake 1984
Day of Days
-15 degrees
-70 degrees wind chill
Duck Season Jan 08
Ryon Canada
Who needs an Ugly Stick
When you have a Barbie
(Damon's Granddaughter)
Glen Petri 2007
Silver Hen
Not bad for a 2 year old
(Damon's Grandson)
Click on link below to see two goofballs..really
10 lb Kentucky LM Bass
Pretty  Good Day
Click on Pictures to enlarge
Two youngsters
hard  at it
Lake Erie
Cory at
Catfish Derby
North Dakota
Mike at Hynkydink
Tribute to Sara
Berger in North Dakota
Mark Welch Mule Deer
Coomer   2009
youth Season
200 lbs plus
Damon Florida
Gator hunt
Damon and Nathan
Shady bunch of guys
Sportsman's Taxidermy LLC  2009 All Rights Reserved
Steve, Mike and Bruce
Shelby County Speck
Terry Simpson and
her first Buck.
(Only her second
deer) She
harvested him on
opening day 2009,
in Shelby County,
Ky., With a Tikka T3
30-06 at 8:18 am
Godzilla Buck
Indiana 2009
Fit 2 Kill Team Connects on Turkeys 2010
John-Parker Lyons got his jake on opening day.  John  Lyons got his
on Monday in Estill with two of the Fit2Kill crew in tow.  Then on
Tuesday, Jay Bicknell of Fit2Kill got his on a hunt John Lyons guided
in Fleming County.  
Cold day for a canoe ride
Nathan, Damon and Bruce
Duck Season 2009-10
Sportsmans Taxidermy is a Registered Kentucky "Service  Mark"
John Lyons #2  
Rick Garrett 2010
21.10 lbs  9 1/2 beard
1 1/8 spurs 4-year old
Hinkydink 2010
Fred and Tom
Fishing a field
culvert 2010
Fred "Having Fun"
2010 Panther Creek Catfish Derby
North Dakota 2010
Marty, AJV, Jeff,
Unidentified hunter  
having TOOOOOO
much fun at Hinkydink
The new Ronco Lounger
Jerry Seadler
John Lyons and
Dec 2010
Shelby County Duck and Goose Hunt 2011
Bruce,Steve,Shorty. Damon and Allen
Maggie wondering
when are you going
to shoot something
Walk about Farms
Boston Ky    2011
After Goose Season Man Camp Cookout at Hinkydink 2011
Shorty, Steve T, Bruce S, Mike M, Damon and Issy
Shorty and his
Where quality is an"Attitude"
Sportsman's Taxidermy LLC
Vogelsburg Farm Shelby county
Jeff C, AJV, Cory,Marty K
AJV and Evin
North Dakota 2010
Cory V
Iowa 2009
A place we miss
Fred and Ernie's
Columbus Bottoms
Panther Creek
The Duck Hunter

The Hunters of
ducks are a crazy
A hole in the
swamp is all they
A place to hide
from a flying duck,
In 80 miles of
smelly muck!
Tho he slips in mud
and wets his “butt”,
He won ‘t complain
cause he’s a nut.
The hike from the
truck to the beat
up blind,
would make an
elephant sore
They wait for dawn,
all cramped and
Hoping to hell the
ducks come in.
They hunt for
cripples with
galloping tread,
And get back to the
blind almost dead
Would I spend my
money and waste
my time?
And listen to lies in
the wintertime?
Would I do these
things no sane
man would?
Brother , you ‘re
doggone right I

Author unknown
Winners at NASP Wild Game Cook Off at Fern
Creek Sportsman's Club 2011
John Perkins, Bruce Saylor, Mike Short,
Damon Kustes
Cold Winter Float
2011 North Dakota
Grand Pa Saylor
keeping warm
Isy's first real Duck Hunt
Hinkydink Buck 2011
Jerry Seadler
John Parker Lyons with two Banded Geese 2012
Marty can't figure out
why he doesn't see
many ducks
Illinois Snow Goose hunt 2012
River catch
Sometimes it happens 2013
John and Marty
Tapp's  2012
Tired Fliers 2013 @ AJV Farm
One of my Girls
Sunday Spoonies
6 woodies,2 mallards,3 buffleheads,one
hooded merg and 3 geese,one banded
in New Albany Indiana
Reese's First
(Grand daughter)