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Shipping Birds and Fish  

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Wrap birds with head tucked under wing in layers of newspaper
and plastic.
Wrap fish in a wet towel then inside plastic.
Freeze bird/fish solid.
Place in heavy cardboard box or in an old cooler (you can pick
up an old cooler at a yard sale for a couple dollars.)
Pack newspaper or Styrofoam around bird/fish for insulation.
If there is room in your freezer place the entire cooler
with the trophy back into the freezer overnight.

Ship box/cooler 2 day delivery to
4815 Watterson Trail Louisville Ky 40291
on a Monday or Tuesday only.
Call 502 493 7787 and leave a message or email so we can be expecting it.

We will contact you when it arri

Be sure and include any tags or regulatory papers with the shipment.

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